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Good relationship with the domestic manufactures and we can provide the detailed information about the Special Chemicals
       Internationals for Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Dyestuff
If you have the special need, please kindly contact with us. It is our pleasure to work for you.

Market consultant:
Chinese Market investigation
Product market consultant

Anything we can work for you, please kindly let us know. Thank you.

Custom Manufacture: Gram scale
                                         KG scale
                                         Tons scale
Different price is based on the different quantity and different technical requirement. It is our pleasure to work special for you. All information are under the CDA.
Thank you for your contact.

Logistic Service: Air shipment - non hazardous
                                                        - hazardous material
                                Sea shipment
Anything we can work for you, do not hesitate to contact with you.

Cooperation research: Development the new route for the customer requirement.
Under CDA, we will develop the mew route and provide the completed report.

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